Inattentional Blindness

So, I was perusing the web, following a chain of links while doing some research and I stumbled across an amazing article on inattentional blindness. I suggest you go check out the link before you read any further.


. . . Done. Okay!


Cool, huh?!  As you probably gathered (having read the article on the other side of the link), inattentional blindness is basically being unable to see things that are plainly in front of your face. Many people in my life have suffered from this problem, and I’m sure most of you have noticed this on occasion, as well. I’ve had friends fail to see my car when I come to pick them up, despite being parked less than 10 feet away and waving my arms furiously. Complete strangers have failed to see me walking down the sidewalk and have plowed into me, even though my size makes me  rather hard to miss. Now I understand why.